Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Am Still Here...Just Super Busy

Hello Friends...

Just a quick hello to everyone out there today.  I feel as though I've been neglecting my blogging duties of late.  We've been looking to move for some time now, and we finally found a house last weekend!  We close at the end of July, so the push is on to sell our house very soon!  I've been 'cleaning house', so to speak, like a crazy lady the past few days trying to get our current house in top shape so we can list it on the market.

Although it's been a ton of work, I have to say that I am really enjoying the purging process and I feel quite liberated!  It's amazing how much stuff we've accumulated in just over 8 years at this house (2 children definitely contribute to the pile up of stuff).  But, I feel so happy to donate some of our preloved items to others who could use them.  I've reacquainted myself with some forgotten treasures, and hope to use them in our new to come in the next day or two.

So, back to the grind...look for more moving related updates in the future!

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