Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flower Cushion

Hello daughter has a friend at school who recently broke her leg skiing and so, the sweet thing that my little girl is, she wanted to make something for her friend.   Totally her idea to make a pillow...I just helped out with the details and sewing on some cute little crochet floral appliques that I had made awhile back.  She did all the stitching herself.  We used a cut off from some drapes that we had at the old house and some craft stuffing.  It was my first attempt at sewing on appliques....they didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but seeing as this project was "urgent", I did the best I could...

The choice of flowers to use were my daughter's entirely as was the positioning.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinterest Crazy

I signed up for a Pinterest account last year and have just started creating boards, and pinning like crazy for almost a week now.  Warning: highly addictive, however, the last day or so, I've slowed down with the pinning.  There are some great ideas out there and they provide wonderful inspiration for whatever your project may be.  Please feel free to check out some of my pins:

I'm in the process of trying to put up one of those little Pinterest buttons on my blog, but sometimes even the simplest of technology escapes me...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Granny Scarf

Some of you may remember from my last post, I was working on some cute little granny squares.  I used up some leftover yarn and made this cute little Granny Scarf for my little one.  I love the bright colours and it's so soft and cosy.  It was also very easy and quick to hook up.  We finally had a bright and sunny day today, so I pounced on the chance to take some photos to share...