Friday, December 30, 2011


As the new year approaches, I'm trying to take stock of my stash. I came across some bits and ends of Cotton Ease (Lion Brand), perfect for whipping up some cute little dishcloths. Both dishcloth patterns are form the Lion Brand website: The Venice Beach Washcloth and Circle Washcloth.

I'm also working on some pretty little flower coasters...hoping to provide a pattern for that in the future.

Crochet Cowl

Hello Friends....I hope the New Year has been treating everyone well so far!  We still have the rest of the week off with the kids and my hubby is off work until the Wed., so it's been nice to just hang around, sleep in and spend time with family.

Before Christmas, I whipped up this colourful little cowl for a family member...I just love the yarn she chose. Just a simple hdc stitch in the round. It measure's about 28" length by 6" width. The yarn she picked out is Bernat Mosaic...Medusa is the colour:

First Snow

Here we are, late in the year, and we've just had our first snow. A little unusual, considering we live in Canada...more specifically, Toronto, which can have unpredictable winters. The kids are quite happy, as am I...we've had far too much rain this December, a nice change for sure!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Circle in Square Pillow

Hello Friends...

Some of you may remember awhile back I had started this pretty little pillow project:  Well, I finally finished it the other week, and was waiting for sunny weather to take some pictures.  The weather never seems to cooperate when I need to do a 'photo shoot'!

I made an envelope cushion cover out of some old drapes and hand stitched the crochet front to the front of the cushion.  This was my first time sewing a cushion cover from scratch...I must say, it was super easy, and I was quite pleased with the results.

To finish off, I did a simple little shell stitch along the edging.  On the back, I added a cute slip and chain stitch to create a frilly little delicate edging. What do you think?