Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Brunswick - Summer Trip Part 3

Well friends...I've finally finished pulling some of the better shots from the last leg of our trip out east this past August.  New Brunswick was breathtaking!   We stayed in a little cabin in the Bay of Fundy National Park.  Lots of trails, lots of greenery and of course, the Hopewell Rocks.  Take a look:

Hopewell Rocks

Tide out...the ocean floor looks like yummy chocolate.

Found items on a beach that visitors have collected.

Stairs from trail leading to beautiful beach.

Beach statue.

Our girls made this path.

Gorgeous stream along a trail in the woods.



  1. Hello Alison
    How lovely....looks as if that beach stretches for could just keep walking! Great photos!

    Very much like your last cowl

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hi Amanada - glad you enjoyed the photos of New Brunswick. It really is a magical place...just wish we had more time to explore! Look for a new cowl in the coming days. I've just waiting for a sunny day to arrive so I can take some photos...although we are not in the States, Toronto has had over a week of wet weather due to Sandy.

  2. Lovely pictures again!! We love to collect things (stones, shells, toys, driftwood) on the beach and bring everything home! So you can imagine how our house looks!
    Also love your cowls!

    best regards Ria!