Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello Friends...I know I've been MIA of late, but ah, life gets busy.  I have however, have had time to squeeze in some crochet time.  Here's a couple of projects that I've managed to finish off so far this year:

My first shawl!

Cowl with scalloped edging:

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  1. hello alison,
    yet again a wonderful shawl... it's beautifull !
    question : what kind of stitch did you use ? will you share it with me so I can use it
    for a blanket which I'm intend to crochet for poor folks in poland... ?
    you would make me very happy...

    you can leave a message in my mailbox : mamouna.romer@gmail.com

    thank you very, very much :)

    greetz mamouna