Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Practice Motifs

Hello Friends...

As I've been cleaning out my house in preparation to move, I came across a load of squares and motifs that I have done up over the past few years.  Looking back, I should have labelled them so I would know where the pattern came from.  They are mostly from the various crochet books I've purchased over the years and some are patterns that I've found online.  I'd mostly used inexpensive yarn that I had purchased for practice and testing out patterns and of course, some leftover yarn from finished projects.  Seeing as I've pretty much put all my projects and ideas on hold until we are settled in the new house, I thought I'd share some of these past efforts:

Little flowers.

More flowers.

I love this flower, I think I used it on one of my pillows.


More squares and motifs.

There you have it...just a selection of samples.  Do you keep all yours, do you label and categorize them?

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