Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft store run...

Hello out there was everyone's weekend?  We had some horrible weather here...cold and rainy on Sat., and on Sun., we woke up to SNOW!  The snow didn't hang around all day, but we had everything from snow flurries, to rain, to sun and even hail.

To beat our weather blues, on Sat. we went to the craft store...the girls love browsing all the stuff for kids and I always enjoy browsing the yarn section, of course.  I was intending to pick up one skein of yarn for a project (more on that later), but once I saw all the yarn on sale, I simply couldn't resist a few more skeins of sale yarn!

The girls picked up these cute little paper lanterns...and decorated them with these pretty little felt butterflies:

I picked up some black yarn for a special request, custom order for a family member...I'll be sure to post the final outcome, and perhaps even (dare I say), my first tutorial.
In addition, I couldn't resist this beautiful organic cotton yarn.  They were on clearance, so I was able to snatch them up for $5 off the regular price! There were only 3 left, so naturally, I hoarded all 3 for myself.  Not sure what to make with them, but I was thinking they'd make a nice scarf.  I just love the colours:

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  1. Such pretty yarns! Aren't we all crocheters and needlecrafters the same? We will go to a store with intention of buying one or two yarns or threads or whatever we need and ended up leaving the store with more than what we plan to buy. And SALE, BARGAIN, LIMITED ONLY are the magic words :-D