Friday, April 15, 2011

Unfinished Business...

Hello friends...I've been trying to complete some projects that I'd had started some time ago, then abandoned them for something else.  Do you ever find that once you start something, about part way through in your mind your on to the next project?  Sometimes I get so excited about the next idea, that I completely drop what I'm working on.  Although I try not to have too many things on the go, sometimes it's nice to go back and rediscover what was interesting about those W.I.P.'s.

I finally got around to finishing what started out as one potholder and dishcloth set, and added another potholder, to finish up some of my stash.

How many projects do you typically have on the go??  Are there any that simply never get done?  Do you frog your work often and restart on something completely new??  Or, are you a one project at a time worker.  Love to hear your comments...

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