Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crochet Withdrawl

Hello friends...I knew it would happen eventually.  All this running around, cleaning out the house, avoiding packing for our up coming move in less than 30 days....that I would begin to go through crochet withdrawal!  I've essentially put all projects on hold until after we move and get somewhat settled in our new home.  Crochet is not a pass time I can really afford right now, I keep telling myself.  However, last week when I was rooting around in my cupboard of yarn stash, I found some of this ribbon yarn that was gifted to me awhile back:

It wouldn't have been something that I would have purchased for myself and when I first got the yarn, I tried a simple square and realized that it was really difficult to work with.  Anyway, I thought I'd have another go at it because my youngest caught sight of the yarn and fell in love with it (it is soooo soft) and she's been on me to make a blanket for her.  So, I decided I'd just make one big old granny square out of it until I run out and that will be it.

Once I got going on it, it's been surprisingly quick.  It took a few rounds to get used to working with the ribbon yarn, but inserting the hook into granny holes is much easier than into a regular stitch.  Here are some pics. so far:

So, a much needed break from moving activities has been a nice change of pace - a simple project to give me my crochet fix...Happy Sunday to you all!

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